At Take 2 Real Estate, we serve more than just our communities real estate needs; we also serve a higher purpose within our community.  Despite being one of the wealthiest areas in the nation, Northern Virginia has many families that don't have enough food to eat or resources to pay for them. 

I attend New Life Christian Church (www.newlife4me.com) and participate in "Passion for Community" www.passionforcommunity.org which helps keep food on the table for many families every week, supplies families with essential and practical household items/furniture, and provides recovery and support groups to assist individuals with grief and overcome loss, dysfunctional habits, and addictions. As you can imagine, there are often more families in need then there are resources available!  This is where your help is greatly appreciated!   

Our TAKE 2 GIVE 2 concept is simple:  As you know, Take 2 Real Estate rebates you 2% of the purchase price of your new home at settlement.  If you are willing, we ask that you then take 2% of your rebate and donate it to "Passion for Community" to help those around us in need.  As an example; should your rebate be $7,500, we ask that you donate $150 (2%) to help serve families in need.  Take 2 Real Estate will also match your 2% donation, so in this example, your $150 + our $150 = $300 donation. 

We hope you'll strongly consider giving back to families in our area that need our help.


Paul Thistle, Broker / Owner